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Main configuration: four leaf clover

Seating plans
Variation: four leaf clover + catering
Seating plans
Seats 128 guests
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Sarah and Mike - June 2015

Longest length 24m / 79ft (can be shortened by moving where tents / porch join)

Narrowest width 18m / 60ft

Note: lengths do not include guy ropes but these can be moved in or missed out in specific locations if necessary

Total floor area 184m² / 1981ft² (+ 27m² / 290ft² for catering tent)

Total wall length for hanging bunting / lights 60m / 196ft (includes allowance for drape for bunting) does not include catering tent

Total power consumption of lighting 1199W (about 38% of domestic 13A supply). In each tent: 3x60W dimmable globes/1x12V chandelier, LED fairy lights around walls, central double chandelier, LED lights around hard floor

Tents Options Subtotal £1800
main tent (8m diameter) £900.00 Includes printed liners, porch w/curtains, matting & dance floor with LED lights in one tent  £
entrance tent (6m diameter) £450.00 Entrance area for coats / arrival drinks (includes as per above)  £
catering tent (6m diameter) £450.00 comes with globe lights. Add catering tables separately. 'Flap' entrance for caterers.   £
catering tent (8m diameter) £750.00 most caterers find our 6m diameter tent plenty enough room but there is an option to use a main 8m tent as a catering tent   £
bar/chill-out tent (6m diameter) £450.00 add a 6m tent to use as a bar or chill-out tent. Select our round bar separately  £
wooden hard floor in 8m tent Included 50m² space for dancing  £
raised section for stage Included large bands can be accommodated by placing sound equipment and/or singers off the stage as per pic  £
honeymoon tent £350.00 5m diameter 'lotus belle tent' furnished with a bed and other items (ask for full list)  £
chill-out tent £350.00 5m diameter 'lotus belle tent' furnished as a chill-out tent with loungers, pouffes and other items (ask for full list)  £
8m awning £300.00 picture shows 2x8m tents. Can be used where a ceremony is to be held outside.   £
Lighting Subtotal £1800
globe lights Included sets of 3x60w light bulbs in paper globes. Each tent has a dimmer control  £
chandelier Included 12v light bulbs - one around each central pole  £
double chandelier Included two tier chandelier for pole in centre of clover / four leaf clover configuration  £
LED strip light around hard floor Included comes with remote control to dim / change colour / set pattern  £
fairy lights Included LED light strings draped around the the walls  £
fairy lights under roofs £50.00 price per tent. Click on image to enlarge  £
fairy lights in drapes £80.00 price per tent. White drapes wrapped around fairly lights from central poles. Main tents only. nb. drapes are included in this option so no need to select these separately  £
disco lights £30.00 strobe or disco lights hidden in globe lights. Light projector or laser on pole in dance tent  £
festoon lights £10.00 per 10m length. Can be used around outside of tents to light outside area such as loos, or hung either side of a path with shepherds crooks  £
festoon lights between poles £30.00 price per pole  £
stainless steel torches £5.00 come with paraffin - lasts up to 8 hours  £
lanterns £4.00 comes with tea light (specify standard or LED/battery). Use on tables or as in pic (shepherd's crook holders separate item in 'extras'  £
Furniture Subtotal £1800
table £12.00 Foldable. 8 guests per table (4 per side). L,W,H 200,80,74 cm. We do not provide table runners. We do personalised seating plans for every event  £
catering table £5.00 6'x2'6 (182x61cm) - fit up to 8 in 6m catering tent. Often useful to have a couple more outside..  £
clamp-on high chair £5.00 Newborn to 3 years (max load 18 kg). Will only clamp on to the end of a table. Colour: red or black  £
free-standing high chair £12.00   £
bench with fluffy cover £10.00 seats 4. Foldable. Covers are real wool woven into synthetic backing ('flokati'). They have been known to have been used by guests that forget their sleeping bags  £
bench without cover £6.00 go for the bare wood option inside, or use outside with fire pit or other seating  £
round table £10.00 5'6 diameter. Use with chairs (obviously). We do not provide table linen and you must order this separately (usually through the caterers)  £
chairs £5.00 chivari limewash chair. 4 per side / 8 per table. You can put a chair at the end of a table if you are not having too much 'stuff' on the tables. We will set all the chairs out as per the seating plan we will have done for you. Please see further notes under 'Hampton Hire' on Recommended Suppliers  £
Decorations Subtotal £1800
bunting £5.00 canvas heart - made with some of our old (but still clean!) canvas  £
bunting £5.00 Cath Kidson style  £
how many lengths do I need? Included to find out how many lengths you require click on 'Seating Plans' then scroll forward (or one click back) to the info box. Each length is 10m.  £
bunting £5.00 floral / pink  £
bunting £5.00 hessian and lace  £
bunting £5.00 'just married'  £
bunting £5.00 multi-coloured. Can be used outside  £
bunting £5.00 pastel  £
bunting £5.00 ribbon heart  £
bunting £5.00 white lace  £
white drapes £30.00 price per tent. Form on the underside of the roof. Main tents only. Organza material. See also 'fairy lights in drapes' under 'Lighting'  £
red drapes £30.00   £
green drapes £30.00 price per tent  £
paper roses around central poles £10.00 price per pole  £
enamel water jugs £3.00   £
vintage glass bottles £1.00 price for two  £
bali flags £3.00 push into ground (like garden canes)  £
giant flags £5.00 fixed into ground with stake and holder. Large 4.7m bamboo. Colours or white  £
Extras Subtotal £1800
rustic clothes rail £15.00   £
fire bowl £20.00 we do not provide wood. Do not leave the drunkest guest in charge. Order benches or bales separately  £
barbeque £25.00 fire bowl with added grill that can be raised or lowered. Choose from tripod shown or rustic one as shown for 'fire-pit'. Bowl dia 96cm.  £
straw/hay bale £10.00 hay or straw  £
round bar £85.00 price is per section. 7 sections make full round bar (8th section missing for access). Order 4 sections for half round or 2 sections for 'pop-up'. Full round has extra shelf that fits around central pole, although it can also be placed between the central pole and the side. We will run power to the bar, and put in sockets as required - c/w LED strip light around base. We do not provide any bar equipment such as fridges / pumps.  £
path matting 6m £15.00 coir matting  £
path matting 12m £30.00   £
milk churns £15.00 comes with bucket that fits inside for flowers (bucket is 21cm dia. 29cm depth)  £
chill-out area £90.00   £
shepherd's crook holders £1.00 use for hanging festoon lights or lanterns or anything else that takes your fancy!  £
black board £15.00   £
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