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Site / Venue

  • I live a long way from Herefordshire. Why is delivery so expensive?

    If it is (for instance) 4 hours drive to your site we have to pay up to 10 people for 16 hours travel and for sites over about 3 hours drive away this would also mean paying for an over-night stay and not being able to do another event on this week.

  • Will you do a site visit?

    We always do a site visit. For sites less than 50 miles away we do a no-obligation site visit and for sites further away we require a deposit up-front (which is refundable if the site turns out to be unexpectedly un-suitable). You can also pay a separate fee just for a site visit which is refundable if you decide to book us (fee is £1/mile).

  • Will you be able to get in to our site?

    We have land rovers and trailers (not lorries), so we can get in most places where a car can. Access is one of the things we will look at on a site visit.

  • Will my site be suitable? (Redirect from "Flooding" in t&C)

    You should check the intended site after heavy rain. If there are puddles forming you would be best advised to find an alternative site or moving to higher ground. Special consideration should be given to sites that are used frequently for marquees, as the ground can become compacted, resulting in poor ground permeability and drainage. Even though our tents are waterproof, if the ground is not draining, the matting can become wet when the ground becomes waterlogged, and in the worst case puddles can form inside the marquee. We can not accept any liability for this.

  • Poo poo

    If there is (or is a possibility) of dog or sheep poo please leave a shovel and bucket on site for us

  • Underground services

    Please tell us about any underground services that might be affected by metal spikes going 50cm into the ground both at the site visit and when we arrive on site


  • Can we put furniture on the dance floor?

    Yes - you can then clear the tables in the evening and fold them up and stack them in the corner or outside (or in the catering tent). If you’ve got the budget you can add an extra tent and keep the floor free. 

  • Will older people be OK on the benches?

    Occasionally clients prefer the benches and tables option but wonder that some guests may require a chair, in which case you can mix and match and have some tables with chairs, or sides of tables as chairs (four each side). Chairs at the ends of tables is fine, but this takes up more space without adding spaces on the table (unless you don't mind it being a bit cosier).

  • What furniture do you provide?

    We have rectangular tables and benches, the clamp-on high chairs and catering tables. Anything else like round tables or chairs we get through Hampton Hire (see recommended suppliers) - we are happy if you would rather deal with them directly; it's also worth asking your caterer if they are getting stuff from there so it can all be on one delivery. If you are not in Herefordshire we recommend looking for a supplier local to your venue.

Putting up the tents

  • When do you put the tents up and take them down?

    We normally put the tents up on a Wednesday or Thursday and take them down again on Monday or Tuesday. We prefer not to but can do Friday put up or Sunday take down if specifically requested.

  • Do we need to be there when you are putting up the tents?

    Yes – if at all possible. We will ask you to meet us when we arrive on site (normally 8am) so that we can decide the position and layout of the tents, where the hard floor will be, and where you want the porch (and any other entrance). We’ll need you later to confirm decorations and layout of furniture (you can also adjust this later). It’s also good if you’re nearby during the day.

  • What do I need to do to before you arrive?

    We have on occasions had to borrow rakes to rake up clippings and a shovel to clear away cowpats....if in a field best to mow with a normal mower (with collector) in area tents are going. Loose grass will get everywhere - especially if it is wet!

    We are completely self-sufficient when it comes to cups of tea. Left over bits of cake when we pick up the tents though are often nice...

    Most other things will have been covered during the site visit


  • How much electricity do I need to supply?

    We only need electricity for lighting. Allow 150w per tent. Typically we would need around 500w and certainly no more than 1000w (normal household supply is 3200w). If you’re worried about the amount electricity you’ll need to supply you’d be best finding out if the caterers have electric ovens and/or water boilers.

    We supply extension leads and can just run a line to your property. If it’s in the middle of a field we bring a small generator to test the lights as the main generator would normally arrive the following day.


  • Do you put up tents in the winter?

    Yes. The difference in winter is that the ground is soft, so we will not generally be able to drive on grass, so if your event is in the middle of a large field and there are three tons of kit to move there this can be a problem. Secondly, we can not put matting directly down onto the grass because it will get muddy, so need to put extra plastic sheeting, and underlay. There are other considerations but these are the main ones!

Other questions

  • Can I roll up the sides if it is a nice day?

    Yes. Most of the canvas sides are double ones (there are 16 sides on one tent) so it’s easier with two people. We use elastic toggles to hold them down, so you just need to remove these, un-lace the side panel from the adjacent panels, roll it up then use the toggle sewn on the inside to hold it up. You will also have to remove the liner on the inside but this is just held by velcro. It’s better if you can make us aware when we’re putting up the tents if you might want to do this, and where you might want to do it so we can make sure the sides and liners match up and there are no lighting wires in the way. We will always show you how to roll up the sides as part of our hand-over when we have finished putting up the tents.

  • Are the tents OK in strong winds and heavy rain?

    Our tents have been up in pretty extreme weather without any problems.

  • Is there anything else I need to know?

    Please also read our Terms and Conditions which are to be found on the footer of the website. Anything else please email Harry at harry@tents4elements.co.uk

  • Do I need to get insurance to cover the tents

    We recommend wedding or event insurance that covers all bases - there is a link on our recommended suppliers page. We have public liability insurance and can send a copy of this upon request.

  • Is there any where we can see your tents up?

    Our season runs roughly May to September, so you would only be able to see our tents up in this time-frame. Ideally we would try to arrange a visit to see a similar sized event as you are planning, and somewhere not too far from where you live

  • How many tents will we need?

    The rule of thumb is 50 seated and 100 standing in one tent. If you need more space in the evening you can fold up some furniture. Some people like to have lots of space but this obviously comes with a cost. For further reading see http://www.gkstill.com/Support/crowd-density/CrowdDensity-1.html - our rule of thumb of 100 people standing equates to 2 people per square metre as one tent is 50m²


  • Do I need a heater?

    People often ask if they need a heater, especially if it is in April or September. It is hard to give a definitive answer, but the time when you might be glad of it is later on in the evening when peope are sitting around chatting (the tripod fire-bowl is good for this type of thing but outside..). In general the tents keep warm enough when there are lots of people in them, and quite a few people have just told us their guests can just put on a jumper or coat later if they get cold. For places in Herefordshire that do heater hire see /recommended-suppliers/


  • What if I want to add/change/remove things from the quote after I’ve paid the deposit?

    No problem – we will just adjust the final amount payable. Because we ask for the clearing payment by the day of collection you can make changes right up to the day of erection. The only thing to bear in mind is that we can do 2 events over one weekend and if one client has booked out all the lace bunting (for instance) then this would not be available. We recommend putting as much as you think you’ll require on your quote right at the beginning – you can always take it off at a later date.

  • What are your payment options?

    Our payment options are to be found on the footer of the website along with our terms and conditions

We are Tents4elements - a unique tent and marquee hire company based in Herefordshire. We serve the whole of Herefordshire and the surrounding counties and can even travel further afield if needs be. Have a look at our large selection and highly customisable range of tents and marquees and get in touch if you would like to chat.